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Sikh Kara Sikh Karas

1. What materials are the SikhKaras made of?

All SikhKaras are made of 100% stainless steel and completely nickel-free. Their high polish is achieved without the use of chemicals

2. Do people have allergic reactions to our SikhKaras?

Many of our customers had problems with allergic reactions before purchasing a SikhKara from SikhKaras.net. We offer a lifetime, 100% money back guarantee if you ever experience an allergic reaction to any of our SikhKaras.

3. Can you engrave different mantras or quotes on the SikhKaras?

Yes, anything that fits on the SikhKara is possible. Please send a picture of the font and the desired text to info@sikhkaras.net and we will provide you with an estimate for your custom SikhKara.

4. Can the SikhKaras design, weight and/or size be customized as well?

Yes, anything is possible. Please contact info@sikhkaras.net with special requests and we will provide you with an estimate for your custom SikhKara.

5. Why are the costs for these SikhKaras so much higher than for standard Indian Karas?

All our SikhKaras are made to the highest quality standards. SikhKaras with even the tiniest flaw get discarded or reworked before going out to the customer. This high level of quality results in much higher production costs.

6. Is it okay for Non-Sikhs to wear a SikhKara?

Yes, definitely it is. The Kara is a universal symbol of the totality of God; free for everybody to use. Any Sikh who will see the SikhKara on you will be happy and proud that you choose to wear it.

7. Why to wear the SikhKara on the left or right arm?

As what we learned from SSS Yogi Bhajan men should wear the Kara on the right hand and women on the left. He says that balances the dominating hemispheres of the brain accordingly. Guru Dev Singh (Sat Nam Rasayan) wears two Karas on the same hand. He says that that helps you to stay connected to yourself when you do a lot of healing work.

The Indian Nihangs wear their Karas on both arms as the see themselves as not man and not woman, but as creation of God. That way both hemispheres are being balanced. Some Sikhs also believe that you should wear the Kara on the hand you use the most as it reminds you not to do anything unjust with that hand.

In the end, I suggest that you try it out for yourself and wear it on the hand it feels better for you.

8. Why are the shipping costs high?

Our SikhKaras are shipped from India directly. In order to minimize the possibility of loss, delay or damage we use only the most reliable and trusted shipping companies.

9. Can I get a SikhKara made in a custom size? How much will that cost?

Yes. The extra cost is US$5 for a custom size SikhKara on top of the normal rate. It will take an extra five business days to be manufactured. Please contact me for details under info@sikhkaras.net

10. How much time you will take to deliver the items?

The item will take 30 days to be Delivered.

Sikh Kara is the third of the Panj Kakar and it is the other Kakar that most people where, regardless of the fact whether they are baptized or not. The Kara is an iron bracelet that binds the Sikh, who is wearing it, to God. The Kara is used to remind the Sikh to do the right deeds. The Kara is usually worn in the predominant hand so that the Sikh can see the Kara whenever he does anything.

The Sikhs were commanded by Guru Gobind Singh at the Baisakhi Amrit Sanchar in 1699 to wear an iron slave bangle called a Kara at all times. This was one of five articles of faith, collectively called Kakars that form the external visible symbols to clearly and outwardly display ones commitment and dedication to the order (Hukam) of the tenth master and become a member of Khalsa. The Khalsa is the "Saint-Soldier" of Guru Gobind Singh who undertakes the following: "He does not recognize anyone else except One Lord, not even the bestowal of charities, performance of merciful acts, austerities and restraint on pilgrim-stations; the perfect light of the Lord illuminates his heart, then consider him as the immaculate Khalsa." (Guru Gobind Singh in the Dasam Granth page 1350).

The Kara is to constantly remind the Sikh to always remember that whatever he or she does with their hands has to be in keeping with the advice given by the Guru.
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